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GEN 150-66: 0-150V, 0-66A

GEN 150-66: 0-150V, 0-66A

  • 7,23000

0 - 150V @ 0 - 66AÂ
Comes with Standard RS-232/RS-485 Interface (included on all Interface options)
AC input is either 3P208 (three-phase, 180-253VAC) or 3P480 (three-phase, 432-528VAC)
A Certificate-of-Compliance, Certificate-of-Calibration, and Final Test Data Sheets Will Be Included With Each Unit, Free-of-Charge

FOR GENESYS™ 3U 10kW Full-Rack Detailed Information, Specifications and User's Manual downloads, click HERE

Delivery/Estimated lead time is 12 weeks ARO

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