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TDK-Lambda Americas was founded in 1945 as a manufacturer of electronic instruments to serve the military R & D market. In the years following its inception, then Electronic Measurements became more involved in the design and development of DC power supplies. EMI was purchased by Rowan Industries in 1964 and in 1970, was spun off to become a privately held corporation.

Growth in power supply technologies continued through acquisition of New Jersey Electronics (NJE), manufacturer of fixed output AC/DC power and Applied Laser Electronics (later shortened to ALE systems, Inc.) ALE provides innovative high voltage/high power products for Lasers, Power Modulators, RF tubes and Accelerators.

In 1986, EMI was acquired by Berwind Group, a 120 year old, family-owned business. In 1995 EMI moved from Berwind Industries, as a wholly owned subsidiary, to a company under management by Berwind Financial, allowing EMI senior management to take equity positions. In 1998, Electronic Measurements, Inc. (EMI) was acquired by Siebe Power Controls, a division of Siebe plc, the parent company of Lambda Electronics, Inc. Founded in 1948, and headquartered in Melville, NY, Lambda Electronics, Inc. is a world leader in standard power supply solutions such as AC-to-DC owner supplies, converters and accessories. Lambda's products are found throughout the world, powering high-tech telecommunications, data communications, computing/electronics, office and industrial systems.

EMI (which includes the ALE high-voltage product line) has been renamed TDK-Lambda Americas Inc., and operates as a separate entity within the Lambda organization in North America. In 1999 Siebe, plc merged with BTR, forming a new company, Invensys, plc. As of October 1st 2005 the Lambda group of Companies was acquired by TDK Corporation (NYSE:TDK) a leading global electronics company.

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. is a leading producer of high current and high voltage power sources. Ranging in output from 200W to over 100kW, TDK-Lambda Americas products provide power to many of today's semiconductor, automotive and component burn-in systems. TDK-Lambda Americas- power supplies are also used in medical applications (light sources, laser surgery, Magnetic Resonance Imaging), oil well logging, electroplating, particle physics research and other general laboratory and in industrial processes.

Today, TDK-Lambda Americas (with ALE systems) is a vertically integrated manufacturer employing approximately 300 people. In 1995 EMI obtained ISO 9001 certification. All manufacturing is done in Neptune, New Jersey, in a modern 100,000 sq. ft. company-owned-facility. TDK-Lambda Americas Inc: power supplies are used throughout the world and have a reputation as well engineered, high quality products, at a competitive price.

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