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FLX-HV Series

The FLX-HV series are a new family of Flexible and Versatile High Voltage, Programmable AC to DC Power Supplies that offer performance and versatility combined with feature rich multi-function local controls, standard USB/LAN interfaces, and class leading wide range 110/230VAC input voltage with Active PFC.

This series features Output voltages of 3kV, 10kV, 30kV, and 50kV at power levels of 200Watts, 500Watts, and 1,000Watts. Wide range single-phase 110/230VAC Input (100-254VAC, 47-63Hz) with Active PFC (PF>0.95) is standard for all models. The FLX-HV supply features standard integrated USB and LAN digital interfaces.

All models are CE Marked in accordance with the Low Voltage and EMC Directives, and are RoHS compliant and offer a three (3) year Warranty.